Our funding partners

Our amazing partners make participating in sport more accessible for low income families. “Experts agree that physical literacy is just as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic.”- ACTIVE FOR LIFE



To Apply for KIDSPORT funding;
($375 total per calendar year)
1. You must register in person.
2. We have the required form available in our office.
3. You must have one of the following supporting income documents.
(Child Health Benefits Letter, Subsidized Housing Form, Canada Child Benefit Notice-page 1 & 2 of most recent tax year, Income Support, Current Calgary or Airdrie Fee Assistance Card)
*please note you will be responsible for paying any remaining amount KIDSPORT does not cover.



To apply for JUMPSTART funding;
($150 2x per year for athletes 4-18)
1. You must complete the application online.
2. Please read the FAQ and follow the online application process. NOTE: you will need the ability to scan or upload your required income supporting documents.
3. You will receive a 10 digit confirmation # starting with AB. NOTE: This is not your registration.
4. To complete your registration, you must do this in person and provide us with your 10 digit funding confirmation #. You will be responsible for paying any remaining balance at the time of registration.

To make your registration process quicker. Please go to our Home Page- REGISTER NOW and create an account profile for yourself & your child/children. If you already have an account with a login and password please do not create a new account. Our friendly staff are happy to assist you with your application process.